Become a Licensed Microblading Artist

How to Become a Licensed Microblading Artist

How to Become a Licensed Microblading Artist

You have seen the stunning, gorgeous brows that microblading can create and you are wondering about becoming a microblading artist, right?

You are probably also wondering if you need to be licensed.

The answer is “maybe,” and we’ll get to that later, because licensing is actually the fourth and final step to becoming a microblading artist.

Before you get to licensing there are three other essential steps to complete first.

Microblading is a very rewarding profession, with super high earning potential and the satisfaction of helping others. To get started, the four essential steps are:

  1. Learn about microblading as a profession.

    Like any worthwhile endeavor, this is a commitment that requires an investment of time, money and effort.

  2. Get trained.

    Microblading is semi-permanent makeup. Your clients won’t want to suffer from your mistakes, so it’s very important to learn how to do it correctly.

  3. Get certified.

    This shows potential clients as well as licensing boards that you have learned all aspects of microblading, including safety and hygiene.

  4. Obtain any required license for your state.

    This is the final step and it varies by state.

Let’s break down these four steps.

Learn About Microblading

Any major step in your life and your career should be carefully considered. You should have a clear understanding of what microblading is all about and the commitment you are making.

Microblading is semi-permanent makeup, applied using a technique similar to tattooing, but the pigment is applied in very small amounts just under the surface of the skin. Using the dual-blade method developed by World Microblading founder Irina Wynn, microblading artists can create fine strokes that mimic the appearance of natural brows. Since the pigments are not applied as deeply under the surface of the skin as traditional tattoos, the results are long lasting, but not permanent. Clients enjoy the convenience of no day to day worries about brow upkeep, but are free to alter the look over time. A typical microblading application lasts about a year, or possibly longer.

Microblading is highly sought-after. Nicely shaped brows can give any face a more distinctive, beautiful look. With microblading, there is no risk of overplucking, no frequent waxing, less time spent on makeup and a face that is always camera ready, even first thing in the morning or after swimming or workouts. Many of today’s top celebrities and A-listers achieve their distinctive brow look through microblading.

Because of the many benefits, microblading artists can charge premium prices for their services, easily earning a six-figure income while working a reduced work week. An average microblading service can net from $400 to $800, with prices trending even higher in some markets. With this kind of income potential, you can build a very successful business around microblading.

If you already work in a spa or salon, this is the perfect way to add an additional service for your existing clients, and to attract new clients. In fact, you should seriously consider adding this service before your competition does. You don’t want your loyal customers looking elsewhere.

If you are currently in a non-beauty related career but looking to make a change, microblading is the ideal choice. With the proper training, you can easily be earning a great income in a matter of just a few months. The normal path may start with some preparatory, online, training. Then, you’ll experience an intensive live training for several days. This is followed up with lots of practice and building your portfolio. Anyone can learn, but it will take some hard work on your part to succeed at the highest level.

The popularity of microblading has grown tremendously over the last ten years, from being an almost unknown procedure to be in high demand throughout the world. It has certainly surpassed the level of being “just a trend.” Of course, brow styles may change from time to time. But, whether it is the old Hollywood glamour look of the ‘30s and ‘40s, or the sleek modern look of the ‘60s, or the well defined, yet natural look of today, microblading is the ideal technique for achieving the desired style. Though styles may change, microblading is definitely here to stay!

To learn more about microblading, click here.

Get Trained

Once you decide that microblading is a good career choice for you, the next step is to get trained. Unfortunately, not all training is high quality, so it is very important to do your homework. Be sure to ask about the following:

  • Is the training organization established and reputable?
    Does it use a recognized method? Are there testimonials? Does the website seem well organized? Can you get your questions answered? To answer this question, start by thoroughly reviewing the organization’s website. Then, call and speak to a representative. They should be informed, enthusiastic and will to answer your questions. Be sure to ask how long they have been in business and how many people they have trained.
  • What is included in the training?
    Will you learn about care before and after the procedure? Will you learn about forms your clients should complete? Will you learn shape and color theory and practice? Is the trainer certified? Will you get to practice on latex and on a real live model? Besides actual microblading technique, all of these other things are very important, and may help you with any required licensing testing. It’s so important to get comprehensive training so that you can learn all aspects of the skill and business of microblading.
  • How will you pay for the training?
    Like any type of valuable higher education, there is a cost associated with learning to microblade. However, in today’s world, where education means empowerment, no one should be prevented from improving their earning power just because of the cost of education. Reputable organizations can offer payment plans. They understand that microblading training is a business investment. And, reputable organizations guarantee your investment, offering follow-up training at no charge if you are not confident after your initial training. Be sure to inquire about this. It is important to feel confident from the moment you get your very first paying client.
  • Does the organization offer support?
    A very important part of the training is the support you get after you’ve attended the classes. A reputable microblading academy does not just take your money and run. They should recognize that learning and aspire to the highest level of artistry and professionalism is an ongoing process of practice, learning, and development. Seek an organization that nurtures a supportive community of microblading artists. You’ll want to always be able to get the help you need as well as advice about any important new developments in the field of microblading.
  • Does the organization offer tools and supplies?
    Microblading is a precision technique. If you are trained to use specific tools and work with suppliers that have specific formulas, you’ll want to be sure that those things will always be available to you. You do not want to use your high paying clients as guinea pigs to test different or inferior tools or supplies.

To learn more about training, check out our class schedules here.

Get Certified

This is a very important step and is sometimes confused with licensing. You may be wondering how they are different and why you need both?

  • Certification is earned by attending training and demonstrating to your instructor that you have mastered the concepts of microblading. Certification tells your clients that you have the knowledge to perform microblading services correctly, according to a method with proven results.
  • Licensing is obtained from your state or municipality and shows your clients that you meet the standards of the laws regulating microblading and that you are legally able to practice microblading. We’ll get to that final step in just a moment.

To become certified, you will enroll in training with a reputable microblading training organization that offers certification. At the conclusion of the training, if your instructor is satisfied with your progress, you will be awarded certification. Certified microblading artists receive a certification diploma, suitable for framing. This indicates that you meet a high standard of expertise. Clients can count on the same level of service from you as from other certified microblading artists. World Microblading certified artists also receive other perks, such as eligibility for listing in our nationwide directory, lifetime support, opportunity to purchase supplies at heavily discounted prices and eligibility to enroll in advanced courses.

Important Tip!

Be sure to seek out an organization that certifies microblading artists throughout the country or globally. A certification that is only offered locally is not nearly as prestigious and won’t be recognizable elsewhere if you decide to move to a different area.

For more information about the courses, you can take to become certified, click here to see schedules of upcoming classes.

Get Licensed by Your State

Licensing requirements vary by location and may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to do your homework and comply with all applicable laws governing your area.

These laws exist to protect the consumer from damages due to unskilled microblading practitioners. Licensing may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it protects you too. Licensing requirements mean that you are less likely to be faced with competition from those who are unqualified. Your clients will have peace of mind, and you will too, with less concerns about liability, knowing that you have done everything properly.

Remember, in learning and becoming certified, you not only set yourself up to make beautiful brows, but you are growing yourself as a successful business. It is very important to do everything right, and legally, from the very beginning.

You won’t need to be licensed before you become trained, but you can start investigating the requirements now. Keep in mind that you need to follow up thoroughly about the information that you may find online. Because microblading is still relatively new compared to other beauty related services, the laws governing microblading are still developing and changing.

The links in the section here can get you started, but even if you believe you found all answers online, it is best to call the licensing authority and actually speak with someone to ensure that you have the most current information and requirements.

Do you have more questions? You can contact one of the trained customer service specialists at World Microblading. We are always happy to help you!

Click here to locate regulations in your state.

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