How I got my eyebrows done

I finally took the plunge! I had my microblading procedure as a model in one of the classes by World Microblading. I used to have sparse and patchy eyebrows so my friend told me I’d be a good fit to be her model during her training. She got me so interested because she was a living proof that microblading can give you all-day-brows-on-fleek. And… honestly, I envy her good looking brows!

I have to admit that I enjoy putting makeup on, watching Youtube video tutorials and so on. But sometimes grooming, shaping and penciling my eyebrows gets tiresome. It takes time to achieve fuller-looking brows, to be honest. Imagine, I have to work on my eyebrows every single day before going to work. So, yeah, I am very grateful for microblading’s existence.

At first, I was terrified of the fact that microblading is a manual procedure and that it utilizes needles and blades. So I did my research and found out that there is minimal to zero pain and discomfort if and only if it’s done by a professional artist (what a relief that I went for a recognized academy in America!) I also asked my friends who had it previously and told me that the overall experience was smooth and not painful.

eyebrows microblading practicle
World Microblading students in action

Microblading is one of the most popular services in the entire beauty industry. World Microblading, is the most recognized Microblading Academy in America and is founded by Irina Wynn. She is a world-renowned microblading artist, trainer and entrepreneur. After seeing before and after photos from the World Microblading’s social media pages, I felt assured that I will be in good hands. But still, I can’t deny the fact that I was nervous and at the same time excited! 

Training day came and what can I say… My friend (who was still learning microblading by then) was super thorough. She analyzed my skin and asked about my health and medical history. She applied right on the lessons she learned during the training. Additional questions revolved around my lifestyle, the color of my hair, skin, eyes, and lashes. Well, of course, I also asked some questions such as: How long will the procedure take? When do I go back for a touch-up? What are the essential aftercare products? Where are the pigments manufactured and formulated? Are the pigments all-natural? Are the tools used sterile? Are materials utilized in medical-grade? I know… I know… I’m such a nosy gal. But, really, I just wanted to make sure that my microblading experience will be a positive one.

eyebrows microblading training

My friend started to measure my brow points and created a shape that is according to my face structure. While stretching my skin, she began microblading with light pressure. She was very careful! A hand-held tool was used to fill in my brows area with pigment, creating thin and precise hair strokes. There was minimal discomfort. It wasn’t really that bad at all. She then wiped and cleaned my brows. Voila! It’s done! What?! It was really quick I should say. It took us less than 2 hours only.

I was advised of aftercare 101 and my friend told me to avoid excessive sweating and to take caution on the pressure of shower heads when taking a shower. 

My eyebrows felt a little sore after the procedure and it looked darker and bigger than before. I did not worry about it much because most of the reviews and research I did emphasize the post-procedure outcome. It’s perfectly fine! Peeling took place after 4-6 weeks and my brows were a few shades lighter – the real results are starting to come out.

I went back for a touch up at my friend’s salon which was 6 weeks after the initial session. She was amazing! I feel like she was a pro right after the training.

I am so happy with the results! My eyebrows are fuller and look impressively natural! Thanks to my friend for this FREE microblading service! I’m sure she will be successful in her new career as a microblading artist.

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