How Do I Know if Permanent Make-Up Is a Career Choice for Me?

You may never admit it but, you were playing with makeup as early as three years old. For you, the exciting colors, the vivid glitters and the magical lines are like drawing a masterpiece.

As you grow old, you ask yourself, “is there a future with make-up?” And you shook your head in disapproval as you conclude that the only thing you’re going to get far with make-up is through YouTube tutorials and TikTok videos.

But, the truth is, there is a big and an expansive world of make-up artistry that is yet to be explored. Right now, you can proudly say that you’re a professional make-up artist and earn more than what 9-5 employees make for a day.

If you’re officially bored with your job and would like to give your make-up career a shot, this blog will offer you a quick rundown of the thriving world of permanent make-up, the beauty industry and some questions to assess whether you’re a fit or not.

What is Permanent Make-up?

Like any other process in the beauty industry, permanent make-up enhances a woman’s features and makes her feel super confident and empowered. Most of the time, permanent make-up involves tattooing on a person’s body so that a person doesn’t have to apply them all over again.

Permanent make-up is a specialized beauty technique that permanently enhances the features of a person especially on their eyelids, skin, eyebrows or even lips. Some people indulge themselves to permanent make-up because they’re in awe of the practical benefits it provides.

Other individuals opt for permanent make-up because of imperfections. Although it’s okay to be self-conscious at times, some people will look for a solution to make themselves feel confident and attractive. As a permanent make-up artist, you have the mission to transform people and make them embrace their beauty.

What are The Benefits of Being a Certified Permanent Make-up Artist?

With your passion, determination and commitment, it wouldn’t take long for you to become a certified permanent make-up artist. Plus, with World Microblading helping you every step of the way, you’ll become a top-notch permanent make-up artist in no time!

When you enroll in World Microblading’s permanent make-up online course, you’ll gain numerous, career-launching benefits.

  • Immense amount of knowledge and actual hands-on experience to put your learnings to the test.
  • Exciting and interactive lessons and activities that you’ll learn from.
  • Learn the secrets of conducting business in the beauty industry.
  • Have one of the best organizations teach you the skill of permanent make-up.

Aside from these, it must be noted that an average permanent make-up artist makes around $60,000 – $80,000 annually. You can even earn more depending on your skill, and may depend when you offer additional services.

Everyone wants to embrace their beautiful selves and you can make it happen. Take advantage of this rise in the beauty industry and you’ll have everyone calling you their fairy god mother.

Furthermore, people from celebrities, youngsters and old ones enjoy a session of permanent make-up depending on their reason. What’s more, you don’t have a job where your boss is constantly bugging you to finish work.

You own your time and your business is up to discretion. Last benefit that will let you achieve satisfaction is your ability to let others feel good about themselves. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s okay to feel insecure from time to time.

The good thing is, technological advancements make it possible for women to feel empowered and more beautiful. Plus, you’re ability to make this possible through permanent make-up is beyond compare.

Who wouldn’t love a job where you can see your clients beam with confidence and beauty?

Have You Asked Yourselves This Question?

After being aware of the many great benefits, it’s time to ask yourself these questions and ultimately move forward to become a certified permanent make-up artist.

  • Will I commit to training needed?
  • Do I genuinely love to help people be their most beautiful selves?
  • In the long run, do I see myself as a certified permanent make-up artist?
  • Am I a go-getter?
  • Do I want to join an industry where a lot of professionals are growing rapidly?

If you said yes to the majority of these questions, then the next best thing to do is register on our Permanent Make-Up Online Course. Visit this link for more.

What are the Steps to be a Certified Permanent Make-up Artist?

Research and Learn About the Permanent Make-up Industry

Before submitting yourself to a course or training, it is best to learn the numerous services, what each procedure takes, what instruments or tools you need and other crucial information you need to know before being a permanent make-up expert.

Enroll in a Training or Course

Permanent make-up is not a skill that you learn by watching DIY tutorials. You need hands-on experience, learning activities and guidance from the best instructors like World Microblading.


World Microblading provides certification to every student after they have completed the course. However, before being able to provide services to clients, it is best to check with your state health requirements.

Entrepreneurial Activities/ Job Opportunities

Upon getting your license, you can either choose to build a business/shop where you can book clients for appointments. Or, you can be employed as a permanent make-up artist for spas, salons and beauty booths.

Now that we have given you a brief overview of the promise of permanent make-up, it’s time to take action. Enroll in our Permanent Make-Up Online Course/Training now and make the change you want to see in your life.

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