How being a Microblading Trainer improved a single mom’s life

Nina, a single mother of two kids, trained three and a half years ago to be a professional Microblading trainer. She challenged herself to take the first step and took the lead to change her life and the life of her kids, which most people were scared of doing when starting something new. She did not want to be locked inside an office having to work for hours every single day, but she wanted to be a mom to her children. She dreamed of being able to do what makes her happy and chose to live for herself. She was afraid at first. She did not know how to make it. But she overcame the fears that held her back to live the life she always wanted.  She was inspired by her microblading trainer when she took a class and was pushed through her limits. She was encouraged to do more and to excel. She was empowered as a woman and felt that she can do it. She can do everything and be anything she wants. She felt the freedom and was happy to be able to spend more time with her kids, take them out on holidays and even pursued her dream to learn French and be able to explore and travel. She enjoyed financial freedom and flexibility in her time. 

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During the time that Nina was still training, she did not feel alone but felt that she was part of a big family and sisterhood. She found meaning and purpose in her career. In return, she wanted to help other women make their dreams come true as well. Being a Microblading trainer goes beyond shaping the brows, it is about making women beautiful and feel great about themselves. It is about empowering women to feel confident about themselves, bring back their femininity, help them grow and transform them to the best version of themselves. 

There is no easy way to success. You have to appreciate the process and journey of learning. It starts with knowing the reason why you want to pursue the career, understanding your motivation, and believing in yourself. It requires dedication and hard work to perfect the skill and be the best in the field. Building the foundation and training skills are essential in perfecting this craft. Being devoted to the career you want to pursue and being passionate in what you choose to do are important in achieving your dreams. You have to help yourself before anyone else can help you. We are always learning. Success does not happen all at once. It was not an easy road for Nina as well, but she overcame her fear and invested her time in learning. The learning never stops. Being able to help other people, to grow and to see their transformation as a better person motivated Nina to continue being a Microblading trainer. She wanted to be an inspiration by giving constant support and encouragement to her students. Microblading has impacted her life and the lives of the people around her in many ways. It is what brought her where she is right now. It is her greatest accomplishment in life. It is her best success.

Now, Nina is one of the Master Trainers in World Microblading and she continues to strive as one of the most-sought after trainers. Just see how much her students loved her classes!

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Microblading Training Review


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If Nina made it, you certainly can too!

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