Hard work beats talent

One thing I’ve witnessed in my 29 years of existence is that: Hard work can make you achieve anything and it can make you stand out among the talented ones.

Truth be told, talent is like a weapon and to use that weapon you need skills. Skills can only be acquired through hard work. Say, you can dance… Yet you need to practice or undergo rigorous training to become a professional dancer. Right? In this world, perhaps, some talented people never achieved success because of lack of training and hard work.

Talent is the natural ability or capacity to perform a function. Some talented people might not bother to go through practice or training. Some might tend to feel overconfident. Don’t get me wrong – of course, talent is irreplaceable. But if you just sit there and do not work on ways to improve your talent and skills, then it’s as good as nothing.

Hard work teaches us the value of persistence. One who works hard is determined to achieve something whether he/she is talented or not. It might take time, but it will surely come into reality sooner than later. Through hard work, you get valuable experience. As they say, experience is the best life’s teacher. I second that motion.

Let me share with you a personal story…

I wasn’t born rich and had to work day and night to provide for my daughter. I have been broke, homeless and worked as a waitress. I have been to a toxic life, a disastrous relationship. I started to change my mindset and laid down my goals. I started my microblading journey.

During my first years, I used to practice strokes on all kinds of materials: leather, chicken wings, fruit…whatever I could find. I drew 10,000 eyebrows to perfect my skill. I had insane goals. But – it was realistic. I refused to disappoint myself. I knew I needed to experiment and go through real-life experiences. Then voila! Right now, I am the founder and CEO of the top Microblading training academy in America.

I wasn’t born an artist. But through my grit and hard work, I was able to become one of the most recognized microblading artists and trainers globally!

Hard work wins in the end.

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