Eyebrow Mapping and It’s Benefits To Your Overall Look

You may have heard of this before but, as the cliché goes, you’ll never know until you try! Eyebrow mapping is taking the world by storm as one of the emerging beauty trends that even celebrities swear on. So, if you’re someone who wants to try out this process, here’s quick overview of what to expect and what you should know.

What is Eyebrow Mapping?

Eyebrow mapping utilizes a three-step custom technique to find the appropriate shape of eyebrow for a person’s face. With the help of eyebrow mapping, you can take exciting shapes, beauty trends and emerging styles to make something that is completely unique yet purposeful to the person. Moreover, eyebrow mapping helps an individual achieve symmetry and balance.

What are the Benefits of Eyebrow Mapping?

  • Youthful Look

Do you know how much of an anti-aging secret well-defined eyebrows are? If you want to attract the right amount of attention to your glowing face, an eyebrow session will suit you best. If you ask as why? It’s because an elegant set of brows make your eyes look more tantalizing and your face more youthful.

  • Frame The Eyes

When it comes to the eyes, the most suitable set of eyebrows can uplift and revitalize your appearance. But, as a warning, there’s no perfect shape for an eyebrow. All you have to do is examine your face and assess what works best. If you don’t have an idea as to what complements your face’s shape, you may need the advice of a professional for this one.

  • Refine Your Overall Look

Although there isn’t a beauty bible that requires every woman to submit themselves to regular maintenance, an unkempt eyebrow can look bushy. If you want to appear polished and refined, a well-maintained brow will definitely take your appearance on the next level.

  • Balancing the Face

No person is given the perfect and asymmetrical face. However, everyone aspires to have one. To create this illusion, a symmetrical set of eyebrows will help. When you have an unbalanced set of eyebrows, it can either make your eyes appear larger at one side and off-balance in another. This is not pleasing to the eye.

  • Correct Facial Flaws

There are facial features that we can’t correct or completely alter (of course, with corrective surgery, maybe). However, a minor tweak on your eyebrow shape can match and define your face more.

  • Alter Your Face’s Shape

Some of us may want to try to vary our looks by trying new fashion trends. If you want to try altering your face’s shape, a different eyebrow shape can do the trick. For example, women with longer faces can choose a flattering flat eyebrow shape for a shorter and balanced face.

What Factors are Professional Considering for Eyebrow Mapping?

There are a lot of tools that a professional microblading artist use for eyebrow mapping. If you’re a certified microblading artist, you’ll find yourself acquainted with pencils of different colors and rulers of different sizes, length and variety.

But, overdoing the use of pencils and ruler may cause the eyebrow to be too equal. For this case, it appears unnatural and stamp-like. A professional microblading artist uses pencils and rulers as a guide while taking in factors such as face shape, brow width, brow line, arch placement and natural growth of brow.

  • Natural Hair Growth

Different people have different rate of hair growth. A professional microblading artist factors in texture, direction and how quick the hair grows. Once assessed, this will determine the necessary treatment and appropriate eyebrow mapping procedure an expert needs to conduct.

  • Face Shape

As beauty experts would state, your face shape not only determines which haircut suits you best. It also dictates which shape of brows work well for your face. A person with a rounder face will prefer higher arches as it creates the illusion of length. For individuals with longer faces, may do with minimal arches on their brows.

  • Brow Line

A microblading expert will have to follow a person’s natural brow line when eyebrow mapping. The brow line is the bone or ridge located under the brow just above your eyelids.

  • Eyebrow Width

There are areas of your brow that needs no tinkering. This is the head of your brow. To avoid compromising it, never try anything crazy on this part. Also, the brow’s head must line up with your nostril’s side.

  • Arch Placement

For you to determine the natural arch placement, you must look at the angle of the brow’s highest hair.

  • Symmetry

When it comes down to symmetry, this is where a microblading artist’s prowess must shine. At this point of time, the expert will make sure to check if the brows enhance or at least, complement the person’s face.

How Does Eyebrow Mapping Work?

Upon having your initial consultation and your first treatment, you need to submit yourself to a regular maintenance every three to four weeks.

If you are a microblading artist or someone would like to dedicate their career to the art of microblading, learning the basics like eyebrow mapping is a must.

Whenever you need tools and equipment to start, World Microblading can help you with it. All you have to do is click on this link to know more about eyebrow mapping tools.  

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