Changing People’s Lives through a Microblading Career

As a young entrepreneur in her early 20s, age was never a hindrance for Erin. She strives to improve her microblading career from being a microblading technician to one of World Microblading’s master trainers. While taking a microblading class at World Microblading, she never thought that she’ll end up becoming a trainer. She never thought that she will be in front of aspiring beauty artists – teaching and motivating them the same way she felt when she was still a student. Her passion in making beautiful brows and seeing confident people brought her to where she is now. 

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Erin loves meeting new people and making connections.  She is more motivated the more she knows that she touches and helps people. Knowing that she is changing people’s lives and perspectives, especially on the aspect of what they can do in their careers, keeps her going. Being a Microblading Trainer is a growing experience for Erin. She travels alone to where different cities where classes are held and through it she learns more about herself. 

Her successful career as a trainer changed her personal life. She moved to Los Angeles to take on more trainer opportunities. Erin loves every bit of it and she couldn’t ask for anything better. She says, I she wants to book a trip to Miami for the next day, she can… because she has the freedom to do so. To those wanting to become a trainer as well, her number 1 advice would be: Do not give up. Do not easily give up. All good things come to those who hustle. In the beauty industry, one must be consistent. For instance, when scheduling clients or promoting your services, you must be consistent. You can’t be hustling for a week and then slack off the next. Success also comes with consistency.

As Erin’s career as a Microblading trainer continues to progress, her expertise as an artist improves as well. Being a trainer is a whole new level of success and fulfillment… Her passion and motivation truly can be proven by what her students’ say about each class she trained.

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