Can you really learn microblading online? 💻

You’ve probably heard how paramount Microblading is to the success of any beauty artist. Microblading has become one of the most profitable services in the Permanent Makeup industry. Due to it’s craze, many beauty enthusiasts seek to learn this most sought-after procedure. Aspiring Microblading Technicians search for Microblading courses to help round out their skill set and start (or improve) their experience. After all, it does require extraordinary eyebrow design skills and a serious amount of practice and patience to master. Technicians-to-be are eager to pay their hard earned money and invest for the ability to perfect everyone’s brows.

Learning and mastering the art is an absolute must if you want to be successful in the industry.

Sadly, not everyone gets the opportunity to learn it pronto. Not everyone can learn it whenever and wherever they can. Not all classes are accessible. Not everyone is available either. Of course, everybody’s busy attending to their daily lives: working that 9-5 job, mommy duties, business travels, important errands, and a whole lot more reasons. And no matter how much you want to invest in getting and perfecting the skill of Microblading, you just can’t – because of TIME, LOCATION, and even MONEY. Most classes take 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, or more. They are usually conducted on consecutive days, running through the weekdays. There is also a higher chance that traveling to a certain location is needed to attend the classes. And it’s no secret that Microblading classes can be expensive. With all of these roadblocks, aspiring technicians might just give up and procrastinate on getting trained and certified.

The good news is Microblading can be learned online. A lot of skills can actually be learned virtually these days. Millennials are known to venture in enrolling in online courses to improve any skill they want, just name it. Some online courses come with a price, some are very cheap, and some are even free. Online courses are more convenient and cheaper than the traditional way of education.

Some advantages of online education are:

  • Flexibility. Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and businesses.
  • Reduced Costs. Online education costs less. You only need to make sure you have a stable internet connection at home and a quiet environment for conducive learning.
  • Mobility. Learning online gives you the ability to move freely. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting on a desk or in a cabana.
  • Pacing. The speed of learning depends on you. You can either take it slowly but surely or traverse it quickly.

Indeed, online learning has grown over the years and has shown extremely good results. With an online class, you get to control your learning environment, which in the long run helps you develop a deeper understanding of your course. The future of virtual education looks very promising and opens up education to a larger section of the population than ever before.

With World Microblading’s Online Training, you are given these privileges:

🎀 Consent forms and liability release documents your clients need to sign

🎀 Undertake client consultations

🎀 Undertake a range of Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs

🎀 Complete treatments observing health and safety at all times

🎀 Prepare treatment rooms correctly

🎀 Set up microblading equipment correctly

🎀 Skin tones, Fitzpatrick skin color scale

🎀 How to differentiate the skin undertones

🎀 Advanced color theory

🎀 Learn hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends

🎀 Draw perfect eyebrows shape according to the customer’s features and desires

🎀 Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.

🎀 Learn how to prevent infections

🎀 Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments

🎀 The different stroke patterns for men and women according to their gender

🎀 Manage clients throughout treatments

🎀 Watch online tutorial of trainer that does a complete procedure on a live model

🎀 Practice on paper and latex

🎀 Learn short- and long-term aftercare for your clients

It also gives you…

🤩 1-on-1 sessions with a Dedicated and Licensed Instructor

🤩 Free Marketing Materials

🤩 Lifetime Certification

🤩 Unlimited Lifetime Support

All of these are within your reach by only purchasing the Microblading Starter Kit available for $710 (originally $2997). The Online Training comes in with the kit for FREE!!!

Yeah, online learning is not the most ideal type of studying and teaching but with today’s scarcity of time, everything is possible.

It’s essentially important to learn the art through a reputable and distinguished school just like World Microblading. AND – That’s the very reason why I came up with our Microblading Starter Kit plus an Online Microblading Training.

Because we want you to discover/improve your skills through experience we made the course available in the comfort of your home, your own time, your own pace. No need to take a day off from work or travel in a different place.

Well, my friend, the time for excuses is over.

Get the Microblading Starter Kit here today and start learning microblading online!

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