All About World Microblading

World Microblading is the premiere microblading training and certification organization in the world. Founded by renowned microblading artist Irina Wynn, World Microblading teaches the unique dual-blade method, preferred by celebrities and A-listers to create lush, natural looking eyebrows. World Microblading offers training, certification, online listing of certified microblading artists, supplies, lifetime support and a guarantee of satisfaction.

World Microblading Classes

World Microblading offers several courses to help beauty industry professionals and newbies alike reach and exceed their career and income goals. These courses have been carefully designed by Irina and her team of dedicated professionals. Every course includes a specific outline, ensuring that all appropriate skills are thoroughly covered.

  • New to microblading?
    World Microblading offers live and online courses that teach all the basics, including brow and face shape, color theory and skin tones, hygiene, client management, proper use of tools and supplies, practice on live models and more.
  • Want to take microblading to the next level?
    World Microblading offers courses that teach advanced methods and offer additional live model practice and portfolio building.
  • Want to add to your portfolio of skills?
    World Microblading also offers courses in the exclusive V-Bright wrinkle and scar reduction technique. Get the most from the clientele that you build by offering this additional valuable service. V-Bright is the premiere, non-surgical, safe method, for smooth flawless skin. V-Bright eliminates the need for risky surgery or invasive Botox treatments.
  • Want to build your microblading skills into a highly successful business?
    World Microblading offers special courses with proven marketing and business management secrets. Your skill is worth hundreds per hour, but the best way to succeed is to understand how to leverage social media, how to gain recommendations and word-of-mouth advertising, how to structure your business, how to set up your treatment room, and more. And, you can start learning right away with Irina’s book, The Art of Microblading.

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World Microblading Locations

World Microblading offers classes in major cities throughout North America, striving to be accessible for everyone. Check for a location near you. New locations are added regularly and you can even call and suggest future locations. And, there are also online courses available.

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World Microblading Certification

World Microblading Certification is awarded after successful course completion and demonstrating your skills to your instructors. All course graduates receive a Certification suitable for framing. Potential clients can rest assured, knowing that you have learned a recognized method under the supervision of a certified, experienced instructor. Certified microblading specialists can even be listed on the World Microblading website.

World Microblading Success Stories

World Microblading has trained over 2000 students. The World Microblading website boasts numerous testimonials of successful course graduates. Of course, the biggest World Microblading success story is that of founder herself, Irina Wynn. Irina started from scratch, based in Romania, to work her way up the industry, becoming one of the top microbladers in the world. She did it, and she knows you can too!

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