All About Microblading Classes

Looking for microblading classes?

Maybe you’ve heard that microblading is the hottest – and highest paying – trend in the beauty industry right now. Or, maybe you just love those super-sexy, shaped-to-perfection brows you see on Kim Kardashian or Cara Delevingne and you would like to be able to create them for your clients and friends.

You probably realize that messing with someone’s face – as in semi-permanent makeup – is not something you should do without learning the proper method. So, you are ready to take microblading classes.

How many classes do I have to take to learn microblading?

While it is important to learn correctly, a reputable instructor or organization can offer well-organized classes to teach you everything you need to know about microblading in just a few days. Classes usually last two or three days for basic certification, with a full week of classes to cover the basics and more advanced skills. In addition, leading microblading academies offer additional classes to cover business and marketing concepts as well.

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Of course, once the classes are done, you will need to continue to practice, improving your skills and building your portfolio. Since learning is an ongoing commitment, you will want to learn from an organization that offers more than just classes. Look for lifetime support as well.

What can I expect to get from microblading classes?

Of course, you should learn to microblade, but it takes more than just knowing a technique to succeed. Once you complete microblading classes, you should be ready to hit the ground running, confidently starting your brand new, high paying career.

As you decide which microblading classes to take, be sure to ask about the following:

  • Do the classes include info about how to communicate with my clients and protect myself with the right kinds of forms and liability waivers?
  • Will the classes teach me to deal with all kinds of face shapes, skin colors and genders?
  • Are the classes taught by experienced, certified instructors?
  • Do the classes include lots of practice, so I can be confident in my skills?

Microblading classes include practice on paper and latex, followed by practice with actual live models. Never settle for a class with no real practice. Practice on fruit doesn’t count, unless you want to only have fruit as your clients!

  • After my microblading classes are complete, will I be certified?
  • Can I begin to build a portfolio of “before and after” photos, even while I take classes?
  • Will the classes teach me how to promote and grow my business as a certified microblading artist?
  • Once I complete my microblading classes, how will I get the support and supplies that I need?

If you do not get satisfactory answers to these questions, continue searching until you find the microblading classes that are right for you.

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Are there microblading classes near me?

There are microblading classes held in many major cities and smaller cities too. The best approach is to seek out a reputable microblading training organization and look at their schedule of upcoming classes. Classes are often offered in numerous locations, so you can find a location that is not too far away.

Even if you have to travel a bit to get to the classes though, in the long run, it will be worth it. Imagine yourself, in just a few short months, or even weeks, from now, with a high paying career, helping people become more beautiful and confident!

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