5 Tips on how to get your first 10 customers

A career in microblading will definitely make you stand out. Microblading is so popular, and it’s a one-of-a-kind treatment that allows you to literally transform someone’s brows in just a few hours! For starters, you have to build a strong and loyal clientele. But, how do you get your first microblading customer?

Here are 5 MUST-DOs to market yourself as a Microblading Technician:

  1. Social Media

    Who’s not in social media? Right? Almost everybody is using a social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This platform can help you lead your microblading business plus it’s free! Creatively set up your social media and make sure to include complete details about your services. At first, you can use your personal social media but as your business expands make sure to put up a business page. This way it will look more professional and will surely stand out.

  2. Post timely and unique content

    Once you’ve completed your social media page, make sure to post content that will hook your followers. Research on the best times to post. A recent study suggests to post in the morning (when people are having breakfast and coffee), at lunch time, and after work hours. Remember to post interesting and well-crafted message. And never forget to use a hashtag!

  3. Boost your posts and pay for sponsored ads

    Most social media platform now offers advertisement add-ons. It’s very simple to set up. Ensure that you plan your ad carefully so it will be worth the money. Don’t forget to put a call-to-action to direct potential customers. A little advertising investment will certainly boost your following and will expand your network.

  4. Don’t ignore the power of traditional marketing

    For some who aren’t always “on-line”, printed posters or standees are key. Create a well-designed poster to put up in your salon or any commercial areas. Plenty of customers still get interested with traditional ads. Don’t forget to print out some business cards too. Hand them over to your customers and maybe give some to strangers along your way. Who knows, right? They can be your most loyal customers.

  5. Offer freebies and discounts

    People love goodies! When customers see a slashed price it will automatically trigger their interest. You can also give discounts during holidays or whenever there’s a special occasion. You can also offer vouchers to current customers who will refer a friend. So many possibilities – just get your creative juices out!

These are just a few tips to get you started but the most important of all is your motivation. Don’t be afraid and go out of your comfort zone. Small steps are okay! 

Good luck and we hope these tips get you your first 10 customers.

To your success,


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