5 Reasons Why You Should Use Quality Pigments

Now that you’ve learned the best, high-quality pigments you can choose from our previous blog post, you shouldn’t be skimping on Microblading pigments. It is time to know why you should ONLY use quality pigments. But first, what is Microblading pigments?

Pigments is considered to be one of the most essential Microblading tools. Microblading pigmentation is the process of microblading by needling and providing color in holes to settle down producing hair strokes. These strokes appear as vivid hair-looking like original hair. How long your brows will last depends on the quality of the pigment used. It is necessary to choose the right kind of high-quality pigment for microblading.

Why is it important to use ONLY best quality microblading pigments?


World Microblading Pigments are organic while some pigments you will find in the market could be a mixed of both organic and inorganic. These commercialized pigments contain chemicals that may be harmful or may cause allergic reactions to the skin. If you don’t want to worry about harmful chemicals on your client’s skin, you should stick to only organic products. Poor quality of pigments can lead to skin allergies, faded eyebrow color, and poor color absorption. You may have saved money but you are left in a worse position of facing customer complaints and bad reviews. World Microblading ensures the ingredients are clean, pure and natural and provides a list of ingredients on the packaging so you and your clients are well-informed.


While you may think that the higher the price, the higher quality or value you will get from a product – it is often not the case for all. World Microblading provides affordable yet high quality Microblading pigments. This is to make sure you are not spending or splurging on the wrong products but helps you to buy Microblading pigments from a reliable source. A reliable and trouble-free Microblading pigment will surely satisfy you and your client for a long period of time. You won’t have to change every now and then as you know that the pigments you have are reliable and of high quality. The consistency and quality of the pigments ensures that you and your client are provided with the most reliable formulation.


We all want longer-lasting brows. So, why settle for a cheaper price then your brows would either fade or lose color and end up spending more money and time to repair them? When your clients are satisfied, we feel the most satisfied and proud! It brings not only confidence but utmost confirmation about our microblading class and tools. The last thing you want is to look unprofessional. This is the reason why for a professional Microblading artist like you – you must be equipped with only high-quality Microblading products and tools to provide the best microblading services for your customers.


Microblading cannot be easily covered up when done incorrectly. It is better to invest on the right and high quality tools than to endure additional costs in correcting the procedure and managing the damages done to the skin. The best way to ensure you will get results is to use high quality Microblading pigments. By continuously providing best treatment services to your clients, profitability will also improve. Clients will be loyal to you and you can also gain more clients as well. Many businesses won’t succeed if they can’t build customer trust. It is truly essential to invest on high quality products to ensure high quality service to your clients. When you gain the confidence and loyalty of your clients, you will be able to do more with this Microblading career and expand your business in the beauty industry.


Microblading pigments are produced with advanced technology and organic ingredients. These pigments are certified to ensure high quality materials. The ingredients used allow the color to dry slowly keeping the mixture smooth so that you can easily work on that perfect brows. When you achieve the best, high quality brows for your clients, it is more likely that you will be able to increase your clients and generate more income.

Putting health and safety first, followed by reliability and durability of using the best, high quality Microblading pigments will be the best investment you will make in ensuring to achieve best results for you and your clients.Our top priority is to always provide the best Microblading training worldwide. By this time, we have learnt why we should use only the  best and high quality Microblading pigments that will help our students achieve the most suitable shade for their clients.

To check-out World Microblading’s top-notch microblading pigments and other supplies, visit our shop here.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Quality Pigments
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Quality Pigments
Now that you’ve learned the best, high-quality pigments you can choose from our previous blog post, you shouldn’t be skimping on Microblading pigments. It is time to know why you should ONLY use quality pigments. But first, what is Microblading pigments?
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