Learn Microblading

5 Great Reasons to Learn Microblading

If you are already in the beauty industry, perhaps you’ve wondered about microblading. Maybe you dismissed it as a passing trend, or maybe you think that as a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician, you really don’t need to learn anything new. Or maybe you just haven’t really thought about how learning a new skill can benefit you.

First, put aside any notion that microblading is a fad. Even as brow styles change, microblading continues to increase in popularity. It offers women a level of convenience and perfection that other brow services simply cannot match. In today’s fast-paced world, women want to be ready for anything – and ready for their next insta post – at any time!

Next, consider if your current skills really are enough to give you the life of your dreams. Are you really making it big, or just barely making it, or somewhere in between? Did you know that the majority of microblading technicians make up to ten times or more than other beauty industry professionals?

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Great Reason #1 to Learn Microblading: Flexibility

With microblading, you truly have the flexibility to work on your own terms. You can choose when to set appointment hours and when to spend your time as you please. Oh sure, I suppose you can do that with nail treatments or brow waxing too, but at around $20 per hour, can you really afford not to work full time?

The average microblading service pays from $500 to $800 or more and takes around two hours. Once you are earning $200 per hour, you really don’t need to work all of the time! Imagine doing one or two services and then spending the rest of the day at the gym, in the park or shopping!

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Great Reason #2 to Learn Microblading: Ditch Your Boss

Face it, it really is hard to build a business around a $20 per hour service. Often, you end up working for a spa or salon, and of course, then you earn even less, since some of what you earn goes to the business owner.

With microblading, the space requirements are low and the pay is high. With only one service per month, you could easily pay the rent for your own office. Or, as your clientele grows, you could open your own spa. Or, if you don’t want to be that tied down, you could offer your services at one or more area spas and salons, on terms that benefit you.

In any case, how you structure your business is up to you. You get to call the shots.

There are so many possibilities!

Great Reason #3 to Learn Microblading: Increase Your Revenue – Dramatically!

As I mentioned earlier, the average microblading service pays $200 per hour or more. Compare this to a manicure, a haircut or any other salon service. It’s easy to see that microblading technicians can earn anywhere from double to ten times as much as others in the beauty industry.

It seems like the choice should be obvious, but most of us are conditioned to think that more hard work equals more money. While you definitely need to hustle to get to the top of any field, you can also focus on working smarter, not harder. At $200 per hour, microblading is smart money!

And making more money puts you in a position to make even more money. You can increase your marketing efforts. And, as your lifestyle improves, you will meet more potential clients who can afford your services.

It really is smart to work smarter!

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Great Reason #4 to Learn Microblading: Bring Value to People’s Lives!

Of course, no matter how much money you make, it takes more than just money to have a truly great career. As human beings, most of us find it rewarding to help others. And so many people are empowered by the confidence they get when their looks improve.

Microblading produces dramatic and lasting results. Many microblading technicians have experienced clients who actually cried tears of joy over their new appearance. It is truly a joy to know that you have given someone a real boost. With microblading, you give others the sense that they can rock the world!

This goes with an old bit of wisdom: If you bring value to people’s lives, you will never need to worry about making money.

Great Reason #5 to Learn Microblading: If You Don’t Do It, Your Competition Will

Right now is the ideal time to begin offering microblading services to your clients. Microblading has become popular. You probably won’t need to explain what it is to anyone. But, not everyone is doing it, at least not yet.

So, what if the salon five miles away starts offering microblading? You might not care. Good for them. You are plenty busy with your existing services, right?


What if…

What if your customers, the ones who have been loyal to you for years, want to try microblading?

And, what if…

They go to your competition. You know. Just for the microblading. Of course, they still love you. You just don’t offer microblading.

But, what if…

They have a great experience there and decide to get their next cut and color there too?

They’ve always liked you, but this new place seems so nice and maybe a change would be a good idea.

By missing out on the future of beauty, you may be giving up the present too. Don’t let that happen! Even if things are going reasonably well right now, the world never, ever stays the same. Change is natural and normal. You can either make it work to your advantage or be swept away by it.

Are you ready for change? Isn’t it time to change your career, and change your life?

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