4 Types of microblading tools

4 Types of microblading tools for the perfect results.

Microblading is a manual technique of permanent make-up that allows a realistic look when filling sparse eyebrows, or creating them from scratch. It has become one of the top beauty procedures because it creates sharp and depurated lines for the face, enhancing natural beauty.

In the market, there is a wide variety of Microblading Tools, with different shapes and uses. The selections will depend on the style, technique, and preferences of the artist.
Because of being a delicate procedure, microblading needs not only an expert hand to apply it, but also specific tools to produce the art, just like the painter needs its brush. The necessary tools for perfect microblading results can be separated into 4 categories.

Blades and Needles
The quintessential for any microblading practitioner, without these magnificent instruments the brow embroidery method simply would not exist. The most important thing is blades and needles are sterile, single-use products. Another important feature to achieve the best results is that blades and needles are very sharp for the thin and natural-looking strokes. Needles and blades need a hand tool holder to be used, a basic for microblading.
Any professional will have different customers with different skin types, it is necessary for the artist to have a variety of needles and blades that allow configurations to work with each case. Irina Chen, the founder of World Microblading, used her experience to create a selection of needles and blades that will make more productive and efficient the work of the artists, as well as achieving spectacular results.

Besides the blades and needles, the pigments are the soul of microblading because they are responsible for bringing eyebrows to life. While the blades just create the way to the epidermis, the pigments stay in there to create the illusion of thicker eyebrows. The colors range from white to black, giving room to the artist to make custom colors according to the needs of every person.

Design and Precision Tools
One of the most attractive things of the looks that microblading can give, is the elegant, clean and symmetrical results. The artist can count with Microblading Tools that help with their creations like sticky rulers and measurement rulers for the design, drawing pencils to define the shape of the eyebrow, shaping corrector sticks and saline paste to fix any possible mistake during the procedure, among others.

Hygiene and Care
For the safety and the proper recovery from the microblading process, it is necessary to take measures. World Microblading knows that this is crucial before, during and after the procedure and has a selection of quality products thought to help to make it clean, safe, and to improve the chances of healing without complications. Some of them are:
Aprons, gloves and face masks: to prevent the risk of transmission of microorganisms.
Barrier film: for infection control.
Topical anesthetic for the comfort of the client during the procedure.
Barrier cream: to help to protect the skin during recovery.
Aftercare serum: World Microblading aftercare serum is ideal for the healing process.

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