Who needs Microblading Training?

Microblading is super hot right now!

This is one beauty service that is highly in demand and pays top dollar. Even better, experts expect this service to remain in demand for years to come. Although trends in brow design change over time, microblading will remain the best way to ensure that brows are always flawless, whatever the current trend may be. With the right training, microblading artists can create the look of natural yet perfectly shaped brows.

Microblading is the perfect “next step” for estheticians or anyone already working in the spa and salon industry. Microblading is also the perfect “first step” for anyone seeking a high-paying career that they can develop quickly. On average, microblading artists can earn $200 – $400 per hour. However, microblading requires a high level of skill, so training is very important.

What should Microblading Training include?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, so it is very important that it be done correctly. Like being a surgeon, this is not something you learn from a quick video. You will need training.

Top microblading artists learn from recognized microblading training organizations with experienced instructors. Typically, the best microblading training organizations guarantee their training courses, can show testimonials of their successful microblading training students and offer very structured training programs.

Microblading training is about more – much more -than simply applying pigment with a blade. Good microblading training covers the entire process from start to finish and all before and after activities for the client and the service provider. 

Microblading training should include:

  • Client consultations and liability release forms
  •  Equipment and room setup
  •  Health and safety
  • Infection prevention
  • Color theory, including skin tones and undertones
  • Brow and facial shapes
  • Color correction and tattoo removal
  •  Correct imperfections
  • Stroke technique for female and male brows
  • Client management during the procedure
  • Short-term and long-term aftercare

Top – rated microblading training organizations provide:

  • A dedicated, experienced instructor
  • Live demonstrations
  • Practice on paper and latex
  • Supervised practice on live models
  • Marketing assistance
  •  Lifetime support
  •  Lifetime certification

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Where can you get Microblading Training?

Because of the high degree of skill required, microblading training is not available everywhere. You may need to travel to a major city to participate in training for a few days. Or, you may be lucky and get a spot in a training session in your city or a city near you, since more established microblading training organizations offer courses in a variety of locations.

To find microblading training near you, do your research online. Reputable training organizations post schedules on their websites. Even if you don’t see training sessions near you, don’t hesitate to call about the training you want to take. There may be microblading training that is not yet listed online, or the organization may want to consider having a training near you if there is enough demand.

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Once you complete your initial training, you should be confident and ready to begin a brand-new career, but there is still work to do. As any successful person can tell you, training and learning is really a lifetime process. So be sure to select a microblading training organization that will continue to offer you support and guidance throughout your career.

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